Monday, April 2, 2012


it looked like this.
matching shirts.
but very different approaches in the garden
making for an interesting Saturday.

this is not a bad thing.
we think differently.
we work differently.
we don't really "get" why the other person does what they do.
but we love each other.
and that is enough.
and the pea trellis did get built so it's all good.

it was also a muddy weekend.
i like mud.
must be the child in me.
couldn't wait to get my boots into that muck and squish around.
fun times.

we are begining to find ourselves here,
around the fire pit on Saturday nights.
feels like a tradition is starting for these cool spring months
and i like it.
we gather ourselves, and others of course,
and we sit and chat, and eat, and use our firesticks to create caves amongst the hot wood.
i beg to roast marshmallows for people, only to be turned down again and again.
it is a simple way to connect with each other.
and fire always attracts the man children.

the weekends are becoming a mix of work and rest.
they feel safe and  restful,
which is a change from a few months ago.
the house doesn't get much done and the food is always simple
but we feel as though we had a break for the routine of the week.
well, owen's routine at least.
i don't really have one these days.

the birds are continuing to build thier nest in the white birdhouse i told you about
i am enthralled by them.


  1. this sounds like a fabulous weekend! I think I might have yard envy. ;) Love you!

    1. i think i might have wee baby envy so we are even:)

  2. This is good. I like the matching shirts & not-matching work methods & matching appreciation for each other. Can we all sit around the fire pit in July? I won't want a marshmallow either (sorry, they're space food or unicorn poop or something unnatural that is not meant to be eaten by the likes of me) but I WILL want to chat. :)

    1. what about homemade marshmallows? no? okay, then a chat will be wonderful instead.

  3. I already miss spending the weekends with you <3

    1. hopefully there will be more Kate!