Saturday, August 20, 2011

my list

on my birthday i made my list
and then forgot about it
but yesterday while i was cleaning
it was there waiting for me.
43 things i would like to do before
my next birthday.

-the list-
host a dinner party
grow perfect tomatoes
paint a BIG canvas
find my tribe
go on an art weekend
whiten my teeth
lose ten pounds (and then gain it back?!)
learn to swim
getaway to Seattle with Owen
girls time away with hannah
family weekend away to Wilderquest
BBQ a roast on a rotisserie
buy Vaya pretty dresses
keep writing snail mail
make Maddy's mom a scrapbook
go on an all day hike
tea with my mommy
tea with Corrie
paint rocks for the garden
learn to cook Indian Food
     make coconut milk ice-cream
(it was unpleasant-must try again!)
go on a picnic
sleep under the stars
play with glo sticks at the beach
call an old friend
paint my toe nails bright pink
wear more dresses
get a tattoo with owen
(this has since been taken off the list-bad idea we decided)
learn to make delicious suntea
eat more veggies
shop at the farmer's market as much as possible
walk when i can, instead of driving
visit lisa in vancouver
journal more often
wear high heels
( i can't make this happen kim - i try but it just doesn't work out to well!)
buy/grow myself flowers 
go on a train trip
do a photoshoot with ridiculous amounts of balloons
celebrate Canada Day
(didn't happen- sad face)
collect mismatched china dishes
go to a yoga class

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